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Culver Enterprises,Inc. a Manufacturer of Recovery Book & Checkbook Covers for over 21 years.
Medallion Holders

Have you been presented with a medallion to honor your sobriety anniversary? If you own one or more of these, chances are you would like to display it where it can serve as positive reinforcement and act as a continuous reminder or how far you have come in your recovery process. The book or check book covers with medallion holders or coin display boxes offered by Culver Enterprises are the perfect way to showcase and protect your 12-step medallions or any other symbols that bring peace and joy to your life.

12-Step Recovery Medallions
Medallions are often used as powerful pieces of jewelry. While they don't hold any particular power, many people find that just having the medallion on a keychain or in a checkbook or wallet gives them the strength and courage to continue to battle their addictions. Different groups, including Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and self-help groups, have their own symbolic medallions.

Every medallion is unique and means something different to the recovering individual. Not everyone finds the same comfort in medallions, but for those who use them, it often helps to keep them within view. Culver Enterprises has several different leather-look book and checkbook covers with medallion holders sewn into the cover. This way, recovering individuals will always have their reminders close at hand, safe from loss or damage.

Not every chapter or organization will hand out medallions or mark special occasions like sobriety anniversaries. If your group doesn't use them, you can buy one for yourself as a reward. Or, purchase them in bulk for your chapter. They are nice gift items as well. For a variety of book covers, check book covers, coin boxes with medallion holders, for yourself or for your self-help or recovery chapter, visit our online catalog.

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