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Culver Enterprises,Inc. a Manufacturer of Recovery Book & Checkbook Covers for over 21 years.
Check Book Covers

Have you ever considered using checkbook covers as a promotional giveaway? Banks and other finance-oriented companies can benefit from having their company names and logos printed on checkbook covers. Since virtually every checking account holder carries checks and uses a cover for them, this is an ideal way to promote your business while reinforcing name recognition among your customers.

For 12-step program participants, checkbook covers make thoughtful gifts. At Culver Enterprises, we offer several leather-look styles in a wide range of colors. If you are a wholesaler, consider carrying them in your store as gift items for your customers. Our checkbook covers are for use with either top-tear or end-tear checks. They also come with a fold-over flap to be used with duplicate checks. So, no matter what kind of personal check you or your customers use, our covers will meet everyone's needs.

Checkbook Cover Options
Our checkbook cover with Serenity Prayer and medallion holder, part CKB07, is a leather-look cover with the abbreviated Serenity Prayer silk-screened on the front and a medallion holder sewn into the cover. The medallion is not included. There are six colors to choose from: blue, tan, burgundy, black, teal, and purple. We also have a checkbook cover with just the traditional Serenity Prayer or just the medallion holder.

Whether you are offering your checkbook covers for sale in a gift store or as giveaways to your loyal customers, turn to Culver Enterprises to have them made. We offer competitive pricing and a high-quality leather-like vinyl that's both durable and attractive. Feel free to call or email us for further information, or for custom orders.

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