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Culver Enterprises,Inc. a Manufacturer of Recovery Book & Checkbook Covers for over 21 years.
Alcoholics Anonymous Book Covers

At Culver Enterprises, we stand behind our products as we always have. All of our products are made according to the highest-quality standards from the highest-quality materials. For checkbook covers and book covers, we use a soft, durable leather-like vinyl material that lasts. Many customers think that our vinyl covers are real leather. In fact, our book covers are so durable, we have had letters from customers who still have their book covers that were purchased more than 20 years ago!

Durable AA Book Covers
As you go through your recovery, you'll be relying on your books a lot. They will help you at meetings, especially in the beginning when you are encouraged to attend every day or several times a week. They are also a valuable source of support when you're away from meetings, to give you strength and inspiration to stay sober.

Having a book cover from Culver Enterprises will help protect your book from harm. Without it, it won't be long before your paperback or hardback cover is damaged, folded, worn out, or torn off completely. After that, what will protect the pages that you have written in, underlined, and memorized passages from? Get a leather-like book cover from us and you can carry your precious books with you wherever you go.

A book cover from Culver Enterprises offers greater anonymimity. You can carry your books around without anyone knowing what books they are, keeping your sobriety anonymous. Medallion holders in our book covers are made of a double-polished plastic that lasts for years without any yellowing or signs of cracking. Our medallion, God, jewelry and book boxes are made of solid teak and are coated with 15 layers of lacquer and hand rubbed to a strong, shiny finish. We also have a medallion box that is made from solid hardwood, usually mahogany, that comes in a natural finish. Browse our online catalog for individual product prices or call us to place wholesale orders.

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